The Woo Woo Confessional

Havilah Tower

(Solo album) If Tori Amos and Regina Spektor's sound were to collide with a hint of Natalie Merchant's vocal tones, you'd have Havilah Tower's solo debut - The Woo Woo Confessional. Inspired by a journey into yoga.

Havilah Tower Havilah Tower makes a solo debut with The Woo Woo Confessional. Hailing from Austin, Texas - the Live Music Capital of the World - Havilah first stepped onto the music scene in 2005 with her band Havilah Tower & The Seekers. Growing up with a keen interest in human relationships and an observer's spirit, Havilah writes from the heart. Her deep sense of understanding is evidenced in her lyrics and captivating voice.

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Havilah Tower & The Seekers BAND MEMBERS: Havilah Tower - Vocalist, Guitarist, Writer, Composer Chris Wright - Cellist, Composer Stephen Perkins - Beats

Austin, Texas is home to Havilah Tower & The Seekers, a “classacoustic rock” band that brings home the acoustic folk rock sound with the elegance of added classical instrumentation. It’s a rivetingly original sound and brings genre-bending to new heights.

Turn Off Your Mind

The engaging original music performed by Havilah Tower & The Seekers comes comes from the heart. “When we’re all feeling the vibe musically, it’s like your mind just turns off and it’s totally about the emotions we’re exploring through music.” This synergistic band works quite well together and when the chemistry hits, the members simply allow themselves to be channels for the music.

The Sound

With such a talented blend of musicians, great music is inevitable. A unique fusion of instruments, tastes and inspiration makes for a band whose sound sets itself apart from the masses. “Havilah Tower & The Seekers is an eclectic crew. We love so many different types of music and come from such varied backgrounds.” The members bring a bright array of ideas and abilities to the band and the results are magnificent. “Stephen Perkins, our djembe drummer, used to be in a heavy metal band. Chris Wright, our cellist, used to be in orchestra. Havilah Tower, lead vocalist and writer of most of our songs, writes completely from the heart.”

The Artist at Work

Havilah Tower & The Seekers formed in 2005 and have kept hard at the musical dream since then. The group has performed benefits, television showcases and a wide variety of venues. Indie Music’s Weekly Podcast featured the group and listed the band in its top song list. The Best Stuff in Austin web page highlighted the band and The Seekers made an appearance in Nu Magazine. The song “Golden You Are” was tapped for the movie “Going Bats” and “It’s Not OK” was composed for a documentary that raises awareness of the non-profit ANDORC. Open Mouth Media is featuring “Remind Me” in its forthcoming compilation “It’s Not All in Black and White.” The band is planning touring in the near future and has recently released a CD, “In Lightning.” Fans can sign up at to receive updates and band news.


"Tower’s Natalie Merchant-meets-early-Madonna vocals"..."The trio of musicians that make up “The Seekers” is a tight group. Chris Wright is an impressive cellist. Stephen Perkins keeps the beat nicely. Tower plays guitar and has a very unique voice. I could tell that she has a much more powerful voice, but kept it at bay for this folk-rock release." – SC, Insite Magazine, Austin.TX, {excerpt}

"The trio of Havilah Tower (vocals, guitar, lyrics), Stephen Perkins (djembe drum) and Chris Wright (cello) indeed create an imaginative sound with the cello and djembe punctuating Tower's words. Tower has an expressive voice and the Perkins/Wright backing add a texture that's certainly unique." – Jim Beal, San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio, TX

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