Havilah Tower: Vocalist, Guitarist | Steve Perkins, Drummer | Chris Wright: Cellist

Hi. I'm Havilah Tower. I'm a singer/songwriter and communications professional. I lead a very left and right brain life. It's not a super common path, but that's me.

Our trio's first show together was live on TV and we've been performing music together ever since. We blend vocals, guitar, cello and drums to make our musical magic. Each of us have interests and expertise that extend beyond music, but we share a passion for always learning, evolving and sharing wisdom through our songs.

It's not uncommon to get the question: "What kind of music do you play?" It'd be great to hear YOUR answer to this, but today our genre lives somewhere between folk, pop and easy listening.

Today we perform our music across stages and places across Central Texas and wherever the music takes us, as well as on social media to reach our listeners worldwide.

We're always evolving our plans for what's next. If you'd like to see us play your hometown, or discuss an opportunity, drop us a line.


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Havilah Tower @ Sunset Valley Farmers' Market

Sunset Valley Farmers' Market, Austin, TX


Havilah Tower @ (Private Party)

Private Party, Austin, TX

Who is Havilah Tower?

Havilah Tower performs all original "ClassAcoustic" music, acoustic singer/songwriter songs that come alive with a cello and djembe drums. This performing trio from Austin, Texas found each other through a series of fateful encounters including Ebay, an Engineer and a shared passion for discussing life’s synchronicities. Since 2005, they have been writing and performing beautiful music together, healing hearts and sharing enlightening discussions.

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