Behind the Curtain

Havilah Tower

Call it Singer/Songwriter. Or Folk. Or pop with emotion. Country. They call it ClassAcoustic music, and it's the second CD from this Austin, Texas based trio that delivers original songs composed of enlightening pop vocals, cello, djembe drums and guitar

"Havilah Tower's Behind the Curtain is a pleasant surprise.. I can't wait to see what he future holds for this intriguing group.. They are truly a gem." -Melissa Nastasi, Modern Mystery

"For fans of musicians such as Jewel, Tori Amos, Behind the Curtain is definitely an album to add to your playlist." -Alec Cunningham, Blank Newspaper

"The group aims for a postmodern classical feel fused together with singer-songwriter elements and vocals reminiscent of Natalie Merchant and Stevie Nicks." -Andrew Greenhalgh

It took Havilah until college, attending the University of Texas in Austin, before she added music to the songs she had been writing for years, and until finishing graduate school at UT before she would finally share her songs on stage.

Since then, Havilah Tower, Steve Perkins and Chris Wright have been on a musical journey. This acoustic trio's first cd, "In Lightning", released in 2007. Many years and performances later, "Behind the Curtain" is their awaited release, with songs that serve as the perfect backdrop for that long overdue roadtrip to 'somewhere' backed by this group's music to clear your head, touch your spirit and move your emotions.

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