Lyrics: Where Rainbow Meets Road 

Where Rainbow Meets Road©2014

by Havilah Tower

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She said it’s not your fault but you’re getting out,

this was never the way it was supposed to turn out,

she said, as she pushed open his door.

Said, what do you know about “supposed to be”,

in your fairytale, I’m not cast as me, he said,

as he looked on up the road

With the top rolled up and the windows rolled down

He got out of the car and turned around, said,

Your life is as true as you, so don’t you ever…

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Lyrics: Letting Go 

I’m Letting Go©2014

By Havilah Tower

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House needs cleaning and my hairs a mess

wish I could meditate so I’d stress less

Hold my head up to lay it down

Keep my back straight, I’m coming unwound

Forget the images, I’ll go without

Not enough time to pretend now

Close my eyes so I can see some more

Gather my strength so I can open new doors


Yah, I

I’m letting go


Yah, I

I’m letting go

Becoming a woman, maintaining my girl

My hand slips loosely around my world

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Lyrics: Love Will Conquer You 

Love Will Conquer You©2014

by Havilah Tower

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No matter what you say

You cannot get away from

That multi-layered monster

that lives in your space

You’ve been so right, and so wrong,

so strong for so long

No matter what you will do, love will conquer you

Fifty miles from the roadside

I can see lights, but they’re not mine

Well I know that you miss me

I can hear you whispering

In my mind’s eye

You know I’d be crazy

To be what you’d make me

It just wouldn’t…

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Lyrics: Stones 


by Havilah Tower

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Grab your stones

Put your anti-reflective glasses on

Got fish to fry

And the people, oh the people

Grab your stones

Put your second face on

Heard my neighbor say something today

And I’m certain we can make them pay

Don’t you know

she lives in a castle on the hill

she’s got a wall so high, and her reasons why we can’t climb over it still

don’t you know

she’s getting a moat installed today

she’s got a dragon, a dragon

who breathes fire so we…

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Lyrics: In the Beginning 

In the Beginning©2014

by Havilah Tower

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You wouldn’t let me run away

No you wouldn’t, would you baby?

You said it’s better if I stay

So I did it, didn’t I darling?

I’m sorry, that’s not me

I don’t drink that kind of tea

you know I’ve tried so hard to sacrifice me

In the beginning, they blamed it on Eve

I’m starting to wonder what that means

Maybe they don’t know

how this should go

perhaps it’s me

who has to see

everything…for what it could be

You put the…

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Lyrics: Take Me to the Moon 

Take Me To The Moon©2014

by Havilah Tower

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Take me to the moon

But bring me back

‘cause I’m going to love you

As a matter of fact,

hold my hand tight,

but let it go

‘cause I’m going to love you again

I’m going to love you

Of that, I’m sure

You always knew what time was for

I’m going to love you

On distant shores

You always knew what time was for

Take me to the moon but don’t look back

‘cause I’m going to love you, as a matter of fact

Hold me close, don’t…

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Lyrics: The Promise 

The Promise©2014

By Havilah Tower

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He goes on living like he knows to do

Getting his kicks from a morning cup, dose of the news

Anything to pick him up, to do the trick

He still holds on to those words she said,

in the back of a car many years ago

They were so in love

She’d wait for him, for how long he don’t know

Many years go by

He moves on with his life

But he never really did

He never really did

He’s a fighter but her memory knocks him down,

knocks him down but…

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Lyrics: Out to Sea 

Out to Sea©2014

by Havilah Tower

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Please don’t tell me what I know

I know you mean so well

While you were standing on a rock

I was sinking in the sand

I have been through troubled times

I have weathered the words

My foundation runneth deeper

Than you could ever know

I have been here times before

Brought here by my faith

Whispering wisdom in my ear

What you seek child you will find

I have given myself grace

Every time I’ve lost faith

I have fallen on my sword once before



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Lyrics: Dangerous 


by Havilah Tower

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There, alone, he sits on stairs

The world is his to hold

Fiery eyes, the kind that stare

Personality that makes you feel…

He’s a dangerous kind of man, I’m a dangerous kind of woman

Addicted to what’s out there

He’s a dangerous kind of man, I’m a dangerous kind of woman,

being fair…

Tonight he doesn’t drink

No reason, just composed

He shows integrity

But underneath, you know…

He’s a dangerous kind of man, I’m a dangerous kind of woman

Addicted to…

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Lyrics: I Luv 2 B Z Way I Am 

I Luv 2 B Z Way I Am©2014

by Havilah Tower

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Went down to the beach and I had myself a drink

Tall glass of water

Went down to the beach and I had myself a think

Tall glass of wander

Isn’t it funny how we give our dreams away

For security, and maturity and all those things they claim

Isn’t it funny how we give it all for not

Hidden pressures we didn’t measure.. and still we want to give life a shot


Woah oh I

Woah oh I

I love to be the way that I am

No one else can do it…

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