Lyrics: Stones


by Havilah Tower

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Grab your stones

Put your anti-reflective glasses on

Got fish to fry

And the people, oh the people

Grab your stones

Put your second face on

Heard my neighbor say something…


Lyrics: The Promise

The Promise©2014

By Havilah Tower

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He goes on living like he knows to do

Getting his kicks from a morning cup, dose of the news

Anything to pick him up, to do the trick


Lyrics: Out to Sea

Out to Sea©2014

by Havilah Tower

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Please don’t tell me what I know

I know you mean so well

While you were standing on a rock

I was sinking in the sand



Lyrics: Dangerous


by Havilah Tower

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There, alone, he sits on stairs

The world is his to hold

Fiery eyes, the kind that stare

Personality that makes you feel…

He’s a dangerous kind of man, I’m a…


Lyrics: The Truth Is

The Truth Is©2014

by Havilah Tower

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I’ve been here a long time just to find out who I am

Circumstance surrounds me that I didn’t understand

Forgive and forget, but live to regret