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Media inquiries 512.785.5842                                                                                           

Havilah Tower performs all original material and is available to perform 1 hour, 2 hour or opening shows. Their music is emotionally compelling and has a wide appeal across generations. Their performance is great for intimate or large venues, special events, vineyards, festivals, benefits/fundraisers and media events.

The full band consists of three professionals with expertise in a variety of topics, well-versed to speak with large & small audiences as well as the press about music and a range of topics.

Solo Show: Havilah Tower (singer/songwriter)

Full acoustic trio: Havilah Tower (Vocals/Guitar), Chris Wright (Cello) and Steve Perkins (Djembe Drums)

Please contact us for rates and booking availability: HavilahTower@gmail.com, 512.785.5842

Thank you for your interest in Havilah Tower!

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Havilah Tower Shows

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Havilah Tower @ Sunset Valley Farmers' Market

Sunset Valley Farmers' Market, Austin, TX


Havilah Tower @ (Private Party)

Private Party, Austin, TX

Who is Havilah Tower?

Havilah Tower performs all original "ClassAcoustic" music, acoustic singer/songwriter songs that come alive with a cello and djembe drums. This performing trio from Austin, Texas found each other through a series of fateful encounters including Ebay, an Engineer and a shared passion for discussing life’s synchronicities. Since 2005, they have been writing and performing beautiful music together, healing hearts and sharing enlightening discussions.

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