Lyrics: Where Rainbow Meets Road


Where Rainbow Meets Road©2014

by Havilah Tower

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She said it’s not your fault but you’re getting out,

this was never the way it was supposed to turn out,

she said, as she pushed open his door.

Said, what do you know about “supposed to be”,

in your fairytale, I’m not cast as me, he said,...


Lyrics: Letting Go


I’m Letting Go©2014

By Havilah Tower

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House needs cleaning and my hairs a mess

wish I could meditate so I’d stress less

Hold my head up to lay it down

Keep my back straight, I’m coming unwound...


Lyrics: Love Will Conquer You


Love Will Conquer You©2014

by Havilah Tower

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No matter what you say

You cannot get away from

That multi-layered monster

that lives in your space

You’ve been so right, and so wrong,...


Lyrics: Stones



by Havilah Tower

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Grab your stones

Put your anti-reflective glasses on

Got fish to fry

And the people, oh the people...


Lyrics: In the Beginning


In the Beginning©2014

by Havilah Tower

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You wouldn’t let me run away

No you wouldn’t, would you baby?

You said it’s better if I stay

So I did it, didn’t I darling?...


Lyrics: Take Me to the Moon


Take Me To The Moon©2014

by Havilah Tower

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Take me to the moon

But bring me back

‘cause I’m going to love you

As a matter of fact,

hold my hand tight,

but let it go...


Lyrics: The Promise


The Promise©2014

By Havilah Tower

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He goes on living like he knows to do

Getting his kicks from a morning cup, dose of the news

Anything to pick him up, to do the trick

He still holds on to those words she said,

in the back of a car many years ago

They were so in love

She’d wait for him, for how long he don’t know...


Lyrics: Out to Sea


Out to Sea©2014

by Havilah Tower

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Please don’t tell me what I know

I know you mean so well

While you were standing on a rock

I was sinking in the sand...


Lyrics: Dangerous



by Havilah Tower

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There, alone, he sits on stairs

The world is his to hold

Fiery eyes, the kind that stare

Personality that makes you feel…


Lyrics: I Luv 2 B Z Way I Am


I Luv 2 B Z Way I Am©2014

by Havilah Tower

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Went down to the beach and I had myself a drink

Tall glass of water

Went down to the beach and I had myself a think

Tall glass of wander...


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